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Hole & Corner - Branding

Logo creation for an awesome local donut shop, right here in Berea, KY!

Small batch, small craft, hand-dipped fresh, always hot….why not? 

Be Kind. Be Bold.


Be Kind. Be Bold is an idea that we can live and breathe kindness in what we wear everyday in everything we are. We create custom designs, hand screen-print made to order apparel and products with 20% of proceeds going to a non-profit. The simple idea that together, we'll make the world a little better - and we can look pretty great doing it. 

To shop the collection and for more information, visit:



VIDA is a new kind of fashion ecommerce company that connects artists all over the world with producers to bring work to life. For every product sold, they work to provide the gift of literacy to the makers they work with.

In Spring 2016, became a VIDA Voices Designer and launched a signature collection, highlighting passion for both textile design and social change. 

To see collection and contribute to this project, visit:

Project Alianza

Board Advisor, Campaign Artist 

Fall 2016 -  created new coffee and ink prints designed around newly led vision on education, female empowerment and school access in the coffee lands. 

Summer 2015 - Assisted as Creative Coordinator in design/creative needs and social media/branding strategy. 

In Fall 2014 - original coffee and ink prints were available as incentives in support of a campaign for Project Alianza, then a new innovative program helping farming families improve their standard of living and preserve their land through access to fair buyers and agricultural education, starting in Jinotega, Nicaragua. 

To find out more about Project Alianza and how to support this program, visit:

2014 Coffee Print Series

2016 Coffee Print Series - 'Café y Cambio Prints'

Noodle Nirvana - Branding

Including: Logo Design, T-shirt screen printing and wall mural/art

If you live anywhere near Berea, Kentucky and have not visited Noodle Nirvana - you don't know what you're missing. A place with not only amazing food, but some of the greatest people I know. The business aims to create awesome food but also better communities by giving a percentage of proceeds one day each month for a 12-month period to a local non-profit. 

So go visit - and build a bowl, feed your soul.

International Book Project: Bookshelf


The International Book Project is a non-profit organization that promotes literacy in underserved areas of the world, both domestic and abroad. I was asked to share some art in providing creativity to a bookshelf for their annual fundraising event this year.  Below are photos of the finished piece. 

This organization does some amazing work and is serving some areas in great need - feel free to check out their webpage for more ways to get involved and support their work.

Sow True Seed 

Seed Packet Artist/Designer 

Sow True Seed provides open-pollinated, heirloom and organic vegetable, herb, and flower seeds to enthusiastic home gardeners and small market farmers.

In Spring 2015, provided designs for a couple of their seed packets within the organic vegetable collection (Broccoli Raab and Brussel Sprouts). 


Participating Artist

Madison County Public Library (Kentucky) 'Need a Book, Read a Book' Project seeks to provide books in necessary community spaces, offering the chance to take, leave, or exchange books as you chose to. 

Summer 2015 - Participating Artist in 'Need a Book, Read a Book' Project; developed and designed bookcase in gold/black pattern print for local area placement. End placement location was Hospice Care Center in Madison County, KY. 

The composition ended up being based around pattern/geometric designs related to journey and compass movements with a narrative theme of sailing at top where the logo for this project would go. 

EP Designs

Album Artwork Designer 

Summer 2015 - The Jeff Richey Experience Starfish, created in collaboration with musician's ideas. Initially done as drawings and then altered digitally on simple black background for contrast. For more information, check them out on Facebook or for digital album visit

Spring 2015 - Church&States Self Titled EP, Graphic Design Digital based work with various former designs/drawings to create 4 page spread layout. 
For more information about the band, check out Church&States on Facebook and Twitter. 

Summer 2014 - Adam Cantor Sceyence, Mixed Media based work with various drawings and digital techniques to create a 4 page + CD spread layout. 
All proceeds from album go to support health initiatives in underserved regions of El Salvador, for more information visit